Sl9B sneak peek

So, I signed up to be press for SL9b so I can show you all a preview of the stages and some exhibits.

Cake Stage designed by Mikati Slade

Egypt stage designed by KT Syakumi

Sunken stage by KT Syakumi

lake stage by kazuhiro aridian

 main stage/lotus  by Donpatchy dagostino

raglan shire tinies by Chaffro Schoonmaker Etheria Parrott, Panacea Pangaea

free swag upstairs use the anywhere doors

Lollygaggers creater by Maya Paris

free costumes and music/movie hud

Train created by Donpatchy dagostino

Inside art by Ginger Lorakeet

A immersive 3d art exhibit, Ginger has a free gift of one her immersive pieces at the parcel.

For the first time SlB  has a water sim.