Druid Elf

Druid Elf

Body – Slink Physique Mesh Body
Hands – Slink Mesh Hand Casual – XS
Shape- !L! Nima Shape – Dirty Turkey Hunt
Ears – (UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Simple_ELF_Ears – Short
Eyes – .la petite morte. clarity eyes-green – free gift – The Seasons Story
Brows – L :: Nima Brow – The Dirty Turkey Hunt
Skin – L ~ Nima : 3 – Latte / Rosa {Mid Cleavage/LightBrow} – The Dirty Turkey Hunt
Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ Myst hair – Basics
Crown – =Zenith=Druid Wood Crown -RARE – FGC
Dress – =Zenith=Druid Long Dress – FGC
Collar – =Zenith=Druid Leather Collar – FGC
Breastplate – =Zenith=Druid Leather Breastplate – FGC
Girdle – =Zenith=Druid Leather Girdle – FGC
Shoulder Pads – =Zenith=Druid Leather Shoulder Pads – FGC
Bracelets – =Zenith=Druid Leather Bracelets – FGC


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