Jellyfish Mermaid

Jellyfish Mermaid

Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Hands – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Shape – !Lumae! Beth – We ❤ RP
Skin – Lumae :: Jewel : Orsimer :: Bare {DarkBrow} – We ❤ RP
Scales & Face Tattoo – [Even~Tide] – Mer Scales & Tattoo Green
Ears – .:Soul:. Uni Ears – Mer Long
Hair – !Ohmai Salon: Omakase [Rigged]
Hairbase – !Ohmai: Hairbase V1 [Mermaid]
Hair Accessory – !Ohmai Salon: Ikura Accessory [Rigged]
Necklace – Oceanica~ Pearl Necklace, female – Fallen Gods
Breast Shells – Oceanica~ Breast Shells Eclipse F – Fallen Gods
Mouth Kelp – {LoveFox} Fresh Kelp; Nibbles – Enchantment
Jellyfish – [D]oki – Jelly Mer Squibb – Black/Green and Jelly Mer Tendrils – Vivid Green – Enchantment
Pose – Elephante Poses- Mermaid #4

The Realm of Ozryn is a New non-metered freeform roleplay sim set in a medieval fantasy theme. Eighty years ago, a cataclysmic incident in the distant future caused timelines to cross and merge; bringing people and things together that normally wouldn’t be. Medieval Ozryn is now peppered with such artifacts, people, and even large structures; and must cope with and adapt to the abnormalities of these deposits. Mysterious and frightening creatures called “Auditors” systematically appear to snatch away any advanced technology or those who try to create it.

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Realm of Ozryn


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