Eternal Petites are here!

Eternal Petites are here!

Avatar: New Eternal Petite from Fallen Gods Inc.:

Mesh Body Shape for Elves
Paper White Skin +Fallen Gods Inc.+
PETITES eyes +FGInc.+ Gold
PETITES Female, Eternal +FGInc.+ Body //1.4//
PETITES Female, Eternal +FGInc.+ Feet
PETITES Female, Eternal +FGInc.+ Left & Right Hands OPEN
PETITES Female, Eternal +FGInc.+ Roy. Head (E-Ears) //1.3//
PETITES Eternal Hair +FGInc.+ Gold faded Black
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.PETITES Eternal Outfit
+FGInc.+ back draps+ anklet left & right
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ Body Black /mesh
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ chain belt
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ Chestpiece
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ Fractal wings
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ left & right arm piece
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ Left & right hip draps
PETITES Eternal Outfit +FGInc.+ Mask
Now available at Fantasy Faire 2016 – Golden Delta
Pose – [Black Tulip] The Warrior #7 – Fantasy Faire 2016


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